I’ve now started a new module with the OCA, “Context and Narrative”. My new blog can be found over at https://lucyscontextandnarrativelog.wordpress.com/.

So, I found out this week that I’ve passed the Art of Photography module, which is great news. My final mark was 58%, which wasn’t quite as high as I was hoping, although I don’t think it’s particularly unfair. A couple of extra % would have been nice though.. The marks were broken down as […]

I’ve now completed all the work for the Art of Photography and it has been sent off for assessment. So this will be my last post until I receive my results from the assessment in July. I’ve seen a definite improvement in my photographs, but more importantly it’s changed my approach to photography. I’m thinking […]

Having now come to the end of the Art of Photography and having received many positive comments about this blog, I thought it’d be useful to explain what software I’ve used to help with my studies. This is not a definitive list and I expect there are better ways of doing many of the tasks. […]

I really enjoyed assignment five and taking the opportunity to explore Hacman (a local hackspace). I recently received the feedback from my tutor, which has given me the opportunity to reflect back on the work I did. The feedback was short, but positive. I’ve come to the end of the course now, so there’s not […]

It’s been a long coming, but I’ve now reached the end of the Art of Photography. I feel like I’ve learned so much on this course and this final section on narrative and illustration has helped to bring it all together. The impending module deadline (the cut off point is in May, which is the […]

I’ve explained a lot about the background to what I’ve done and the planning I did in the main assignment post and in the assignment planning post, so this section is going to be relatively short. Throughout the course I learned that planning is essential, but so is having the opportunity to experiment. So I […]